Save $1000’s On Solar Before Rebates Expire

Global warming has congress scrambling to meet clean energy needs over the next several years. New government programs have reduced solar install costs by as much as 100% and have reduced many people’s electric bill to $0.

Solar energy produces no air-pollution, water-pollution or greenhouse gases and can save you hundreds per year on electric bills by reducing your dependency on fossil fuels. 

Thousands of people like you are cutting their power bill up to 80% and in some areas replacing it completely with clean solar energy. Some people’s homes get above-average sunlight making them money selling excess energy back to the power company. 

Years ago, solar installations were too costly for the average homeowner, but new government programs and state rebates are making solar a mid-sized home improvement project. But can you afford it and will you really save on energy costs? 

At Free Solar Quotes, you can enter your zip code and view the best options available to you. See how much you’ll save:

  • By owning vs. leasing your solar system
  • In electric bills over the next 5-10 years
  • On homeowners insurance and property taxes
  • and how much a solar install can increase your home’s market value

In just a few minutes, you can know if it makes sense to get solar for your home, and how much you’ll save per month. You’ll know your up-front costs, if any, how much the rebates and benefits you qualify for will save you, and your best option for switching to solar.

But these state rebates and government programs won’t last forever. Find out if solar is right for you before they expire.