4 Reasons To Start An Online Background Check

A quick search on a popular online background check site can reveal the truth about anyone you know or meet. People like you use these websites everyday to find out who they can trust and allow near their family.

Keep your family safe

Does someone you see often have a questionable past? Can you trust their intentions? Each day, thousands of convicted felons and sex offenders are released from prison. Many of them will continue to commit crimes in the communities they move into or back to. A quick online search can tell you much more than online reviews can about the people servicing your pool, trimming your lawn, or watching your kids.

Personal Safety

Another reason to check your records is to avoid harassment. When anyone can view your current and past addresses and phone numbers, nothing is stopping them from finding you where you live. You may even be able to get records sealed, especially if you have a troubled past with someone you may not want knowing your location.

Job security

Have you checked your public records in the past 12 months? Identity theft is rampant and criminals could use your information to commit fraud in your driving, criminal and other public records. Make sure a current or potential employer finds no red flags in an expected or routine employment background check and be prepared to explain concerns while you are having them expunged or corrected.

Find long lost friends and new relatives

Have you ever wondered the whereabouts of an old friend or if you have family in other states? Search your name to find associations through public records, social media and private databases and find real connections. Then privately background check your friend, classmate or newly found family members before you reach out.

In the end, your reputation is all you’ve got. Keep your family away from predators by knowing who you’re dealing with. Instant Checkmate does all the legwork for you so you can sleep better knowing you’re keeping you and your loved ones safe. 

Start your free-trial today for only $1. If by the end of the week you do not sleep easier, gain more peace of mind, or satisfy your curiosity about your family, friends and your own records, simply call in and cancel and you won’t be charged a dime.