Overpaying For Home Insurance?

Homeowners are over-paying hundreds per year for their home insurance without knowing it. If your policy hasn’t changed since you signed up, you might save a bundle by looking closer or switching providers.

Homeowners insurance, as you know, covers your property in case of accidents, damage, theft or liability. Many people think keeping the same homeowners insurance will save money in the long run, or that different types of insurance cost the same whoever you go with. That 5-10% loyalty discount may be costing you in discounts and rate drops you’re not getting that could reduce your policy by twice as much or more.

If you haven’t compared policies in the last 2 years, you might be shocked at the quotes you’ll get. It doesn’t hurt to see what other providers are offering in terms of lower rates, discounts, coverage costs and bonuses for switching over. Insurers in our network are rated for servicing claims, customer support, and finding you more ways to save.

Even if you think you have the highest coverage for the lowest price, there may be discounts your agent is not aware of or doesn’t offer with your current policy. Ask about lesser-known discounts such as:

  • If you’re retired or a senior, you may qualify for a lower rate
  • Your job and professional associations can save you money
  • Repairs and home improvements that reduce risk of damage

Or avoid the fuss and simply see if shopping around can save you money. At Home Premium Rates you can enter a few details about your home and let 50+ insurers compete for your policy. View rates and call the one you like for a complete quote now.
Insurer discounts and deals won’t last forever, so check homeowners insurance rates now before they expire and current low rates go back up.

Don’t get rejected for insurance, a car loan or an apartment because you weren’t prepared. Check your credit score and report now.