Will Your Identity Get Stolen This Year?

Dozens of data breaches over the last several years are making Americans vigilant when it comes to protecting their credit. Credit report monitoring services are helping millions of people like you prevent and catch identity fraud before it causes financial damage.

In 2017, credit bureau Equifax was hit by the largest data breach in history, exposing the personal information of 145 million Americans. Along with dozens of other breaches at major financial and social media companies, the volume of leaked private data has resulted in billions of dollars in identity fraud.

Social security numbers, driver’s licenses, email accounts, phone numbers and addresses have been stolen, allowing data thieves to create false credit accounts, hack online banking accounts and make fraudulent transactions.

And many of them getting away with it. 33% of U.S. adults have become victims of identity theft, one every 2 seconds. In 2018, the losses from fraud ($2.7 billion) doubled that of 2017, despite a drop in credit fraud complaints reported. 

Due to these alarming figures, credit experts warn that checking your credit once a year is no longer enough to protect against ID fraud. Dedicated credit monitoring services like LifeLock go hand in hand with checking your credit score and reports at least every 3 months. 

If you have not checked your credit in the past 6 months, your personal information could be at risk. Criminals often use leaked personal information months after the initial breach to avoid detection. 

LifeLock provides around the clock monitoring for red flags in your credit report such as new accounts you did not open, fraudulent bank transactions. The service also scours hundreds of sites on the dark web, places criminals are known to post leaked personal records and alerts you if your information shows up so you can take action.

Don’t let someone destroy your potential and financial future when you could have prevented it. A few minutes now could save you hours in legwork later. Protect your identity now, 24/7.