Car Insurers Hate This Free Online Service

Millions of Americans are paying as much as 30% more than they could be on car insurance. Discounts are plenty but are you saving on the ones you qualify for? A new free online tool can help.

Many visitors are shocked when they use popular online services like MyQuote to find competing car insurance quotes in their area. They often find hundreds of dollars in discounts their current insurer is not telling them about.

For some people, that savings can amount to a car payment, half a mortgage payment, or a month of groceries. Many drivers think that loyalty with their insurer saves them in the long run. But with most raising rates annually, and insurers offering new discounts every year, its smart to check quotes every 2 years. 

For example, did you know that simply reaching a certain age can qualify you for a mature or senior discount of as much as 10% off your annual policy? Or that you can save another 5-10% just by owning your home? If your children have gone off to college, there may be even more savings available as well. Not to mention other straight-forward discounts, such as bundling your car and home insurance, being a veteran or simply a safe driver. 

Chances are your agent doesn’t go to bat for you as much as they could, but another insurer will. It doesn’t hurt to find out how much you’ll save. And your new carrier will make the switch easy. 

Take a short quiz at MyQuote and to view a list of the best-priced policies and premiums for your situation and zip code. See if you find a cheaper policy with the coverage you need, with all discounts you qualify for and make the switch online, in minutes.